Sunday, February 18, 2007

Depresie dupa Matei....

i look at him and i love him, but i realize love is dark, i see sun, i see light, i see how love should be alright. When i lose demands there are good aspects of my love!So ... should i never demand something, should i never ask for him, should i never try to keep him close, or feel lost?
No, let the feelings embrace him, and demands oh, erase them...leave the material things behind and seek ur love above see the nature you are in, and never the social things let urself embrase the big unknown scheme therefore u'll let urself go from all the human grose, love urself and then love him, don't seek your love inside anybody else but you, not him, but feel it, it's just there waiting for you to open your senses and listen, feel, cry and dream

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