Thursday, November 02, 2006

Love or money...

. . . i just got out from messenger so I can clear my thougts…people don’t understand that I need some time for myself, to see my ideeas clearly

Today, watching on Winamp my favorit serial movie SEX&THE CITY, and chating with diferent people romanian and foreigners, I realised I might be amoung the few who are looking for the real relationship with another gay man, and not for a sexual one… but one truly like ‘’ For good and for worst’’…im not saying it as a proud …im saying it as a fact ! An truly relationship based om afection&respect, not sex or material needs, or both, like I have already met…

How hit me this conclusion? Easy…
studying so manny profiles of so called gays on gay sites, wich are in fact bisexuals or heterosexual males who pretend to be gay for material benefits (layze to work and outsized ego) and who put the most provocative nude pictures of themselves just to attract the interest of people over 45 yo with money and house, I tried to understand why they write in the section
‘’looking for’’ the word : RELATIONSHIP?

I mean, they don’t realize that a normal gay man who will see the pictures and the word relationship will not understand a thing? What else can you show in private to a man with whom you want so called relationship, when the whole world saw you naked on that site?

Or if you really like a relationship , be honest and sayt that you wan’it with his bank acount ! Why so manny lies, why to hide the real truth in the back of the word relationship?
Have you ever thought that the guy who contact you is looking for something real and not just sex wich is the only thing you can provide?

How we romanians gay guys, becamed so heartless?
All I hear from foreigners about us is bad things…and that is not becouse all of us might be bitches, but those who are, pretend to be gay from Romania!

I don’t give a shit about what somebodys sexual orientation, but I cant stand the lie in such situations, and the shame they throw over the real gay men wich are not guilty…

You want money?
Go to work, or if you dont want that and like to be a whore, put your profile in the ESCORT section !...and im sure youll find the wealthy old man or the hung stud with 9 inch instrument you dream of; but let the people who still dream about The Beauty Price to dream on, without making them ashamed…is that hard?

I wonder what will become the romanian gay world after the so colled adhering to EU from 2007 and the border opening?Im not Nostradamus and I don’t intend to be, but I can predict a few things like :

-the leaving of a big amount of gay or so called gay people to tha west in search for the whealty prince charming, wich might bring the romanian gay community in to a crisis of members (wich are not manny even now)…and a good thing about those about I have wrote before, the so called materialistics gay men wich I hope will go like the bullet to find the rich and stupid men in west.

So I want to send a warning to the western gay man:
” take care what you dream of it mught become true, but a true nightmare, and you might have the surprise to remain with your pockets and cards empty by the romanian lover boys ! . . . don’t say latter I didn’t worned you !!!

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